About Our Studio

We are here to provide qualitative sound with our highly done acoustic recording studio environment. We do provide our service with high end equipment we have with us and make your sound produce great. We focus on giving 100% best results in recording, mixing, mastering, dubbing and rental services at our premises. We do record vocals of any individuals, dubbing, music instruments, bands, IVR, voice over, sound effects and so on..


We are  highly effective and fast expanding our operations. With our skilled workmen, we always work towards quality and productivity. We believe that productivity assured with quality always gives the best results in the projects we work.

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Work environment

We have a great workplace, where people are inspired and encouraged to give their best. We have a team of meticulously nurtured skilled personnel, who are self passionated. We are engaged in constant learning process and recognize each musicians ability and efforts and applaud their contribution to the success.

We are a highly effective and fast moving in expanding our operations. With our skilled workmen we always work towards quality and productivity.


We had an amazing time recording in the studio with Mansun Studios. They were so professional, easy to work with. We would highly recommend MANSUN for your project. You won’t be disappointed!!



Road No.6,MJ Colony, Dr. As Rao Nagar
Secunderabad, HYD-62.

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